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What is Cre8?

Mission Statement

Creatives for Resource Equity (Cre8) connects black creatives to resources and opportunities in their communities.

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Vision Statement

Cre8 will be the catalyst in establishing more collaboration, inclusion, and investment throughout the Columbia arts community.

Areas of Focus

Cre8 provides support on the following areas:








New Media

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Core Values

Cre8 values:






Current Projects

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Cre8 Work+Brunch is an initiative by Cre8 that aims to establish quarterly gatherings for Midlands black artists and creatives. The program includes focus groups to determine the feasibility of coordinating these gatherings, and opportunities for artists to showcase and sell their works. Cre8 believes that community advocacy is essential to ensuring stewardship of black creative culture.

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Cre8 believes in the importance of collaboration amongst black creatives. Engaging in collaborative projects helps build a stronger sense of community. Cre8’s current collaborative project, Cre8 Talks Project, is an oral history project in which we interview several notable pioneers within SC Hip-Hop about their lives and contributions to the culture.

Future Projects

Cre8 believes resource development in the forms of funding and access to creative spaces is key to inclusiveness. Cre8’s future initiative, Cre8 Fund, seeks to address the need by providing microgrants and a resource guide to Cre8 members for creative projects. The goal is to launch Cre8 Fund in 2024.

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Cre8 believes educating youth about professional opportunities in creative industry is key to develop our future creators. Cre8’s upcoming initiative, Cre8 Academy, seeks to address this need by providing instruction in the following fields: photography, videography, podcasting, and digital animation. Cre8 Academy will provide both one-day and week-long camps. The goal is to launch Cre8 Academy Summer 2023.

Upcoming Events

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